The following is a partial list of summits in the general vicinity of the Appalachian Trail as compiled by Dean, K2JB. Note that some W4 summits are tentatively marked with a “Yes”. (Lack of “Yes” does not necessarily disqualify the summit.) Each activator is responsible for confirming the location of the summit activation zone (AZ) relative to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The list runs south to north

Let’s not get too specific here. If your summit is NEAR the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, that’s good enough!! It’s the spirit of the event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AT.

SOTASummit NameTrue AT
W4G/HC-005Springer MtnYes
W4G/NG-040 Sassafras MtnYes
W4G/NG-041 Gooch Mtn
W4G/NG-022 Black Mtn
Woody Gap
W4G/NG-023Big CtnYes
W4G/NG-004Blood MtnYes
Neel Gap
W4G/NG-014 Levelland MtnYes
W4G/NG-020Wildcat Mtn
Hogpen Gap
W4G/NG-009Horsetrough Mtn
W4G/NG-010 Blue MtnYes
Unicoi Gap
W4G/NG-011 Rocky MtnYes
Indian Grave Gap
W4G/NG-005 Tray MtnYes
W4G/NG-013 Round Top
W4G/NG-007Double Spring KnobYes
Dick’s Creek Gap
W4G/NG-032Little Bald Knob
W4G/NG-021 Buzzard Knob
W4C/WM-034 Yellow Mtn
Deep Gap
W4C/WM-014Standing Indian
W4C/WM-032 Little Bald Knob
W4C/WM-031 Ridgepole Mtn
W4C/WM-022Yellow Bald 
W4C/WM-065Rocky Cove Knob
W4C/WM-024Siler Bald
W4C/WM-018 Wine Spring Bald
Burningtown Gap
W4C/WM-023 Copper Ridge
Tellico Gap
W4C/WM-058 Wesser Bald
W4C/WM-030Cheoah BaldYes
Stecoah Gap
W4C/WM-104 High Top
Fontana Dam
W4T/SU-017Devils Tater PatchYes
W4T/SU-009Thunderhead MtnYes
W4C/WM-001 Clingmans DomeYes
Newfound Gap
W4T/SU-006 Mount Kephart
W4T/SU-007Laurel Top
W4T/SU-004 Mount Chapman
W4T/SU-002Mount Guyot
W4T/SU-012Cammerer RidgeYes
Waterville / I-40
W4T/SU-035Snowbird MtnYes
W4C/CM-036Max Patch MtnYes
Lemon Gap
W4T/SU-033Walnut MtnYes
W4C/CM-035Bluff MtnYes
Garenflo Gap
W4C/CM-147 Lamb Knob
Hot Springs
W4C/CM-110Rich Mtn
W4C/CM-105Spring MtnYes
W4C/CM-028 Camp Creek Bald
W4C/CM-027Green Ridge Knob
W4C/CM-053Flint Mtn
W4C/CM-039Sugarloaf Knob
W4C/CM-040Lick RockYes
W4T/SU-024 High RockYes
W4T/SU-010Big BaldYes
W4C/CM-019Unaka MtnYes
W4T/SU-025Little Bald Knob
W4T/SU-015Little Rock KnobYes
W4T/SU-005Roan High Knob
Carfvers Gap
W4C/EM-001Grassy Ridge Bald
W4C/EM-003Hump MtnYes
Elk Park
W4T/SU-034 White Rocks MtnYes
W4T/SU-040 4190 Summit
W4T/SU-037Rich Knob
W4T/RV-0023940 Summit
W4V/WV-002Whitetop Mtn
W4V/WV-001 Rogers Mtn
W4V/WV-017 High Pt
W4V/WV-014 Glade Mtn
W4V/WV-041 3350 Summit
W4V/WV-009 Chestnut Ridge
W4V/WV-0572930 Summit
W4V/FC-003Sugar Run Mtn
W4V/FC-006 3947 Summit
W4V/FC-008 Johns Creek Mtn
W4V/FC-021 Brush Mtn
W4V/FC-038 Cove Mtn
W4V/RA-012 McAfee Knob
W4V/FC-027 Tinker Mtn
W4V/FC-0412670 Summit
W4V/FC-038 Cove MtnYes
W4V/FC-0512042 SummitYes
W4V/RA-001 Apple Orchard MtnYes
W4V/RA-014 Highcock Knob
W4V/RA-017 2847 Summit
W4V/BR-010 Bluff Mtn
W4V/BR-004Bald Knob
W4V/BR-006 Cole Mtn
W4V/BR-001Rocky Mtn
W4V/BR-003Maintop Mtn
W4V/BR-002 Priest The
W4V/BR-007 Three Ridges
W4V/BR-015 Calf Mtn
W4V/BR-014 3100 Summit
W4V/BR-009 Big Flat Mtn
W4V/HB-019 Humpback Mtn
W4V/SH-004 Hazeltop
W4V/SH-002 Stony Mtn
W4V/SH-005 Pinnacle The
W4V/SH-013 Pass Mtn
W4V/SH-007 Hogback Mtn
W4V/SH-009 North Mtn
W4V/SH-016 Compton Peak
W4V/SH-030 Blue Mtn
Harpers Ferry
W8V/EP-003 Jefferson County HP
W3/WE-007 Lambs Knoll 
W3/WE-004 Quirauk Mtn 
W3/PD-007 Snowy Mountain 
W3/PD-006 Methodist Hill North
W3/PD-017Cove Mountain 
W3/PH-001 Camp Blue Mtn South
W3/PH-002 Dan’s Pulpit East
W3/PO-029 Smiths Gap Mtn
W3/PO-025 Nazareth Reservoir Mtn
W2/NJ-003 Kittatinny Mtn 
W2/NJ-001 High Point
W2/GC-076 Sterling Benchmark BM
W2/GC-054 West Mountain Mtn
W2/GC-077 Bear Mountain Mtn
W2/EH-011Preston Hill 
W1/CB-009 Tenmile Hill 
W1/MB-002Mount Everett 
W1/MB-007 East Mountain 
W1/MB-013 Mount Wilcox
W1/MB-001 Mount Greylock 
W1/GM-221 Summit 3025
W1/GM-198 Little Pond Mtn
W1/GM-046 Glastenbury Mtn
W1/GM-187 Tuminos Victory
W1/GM-007 Stratton Mountain
W1/GM-080 Bromley Mountain 
W1/GM-022 Peru Peak 
W1/GM-216 White Rocks
W1/GM-092 Bear Mountain
W1/GM-106 Summit 2465
W1/GM-002 Killington Peak
w1/GM-183 Pico Peak
W1/GM-223Deer Leap Mtn
W1/GM-171 Delectable Mountain
W1/GM-142 Thistle Hill 
W1/HA-027 North Peak Moose Mtn
W1/HA-083 Holts Ledge 
W1/HA-008 Smarts Mountain 
W1/HA-089 Mount Cube 
W1/HA-174 Sentinel Mountain 
W1/HA-088 Mount Mist 
W1/HA-003 Mount Moosilauke 
W1/HA-074 Mount Wolf 
W1/HA-006 Kinsman Mountain Sourh Peak
W1/HA-002 Mount Lafayette 
W1/HA-095 Mount Garfield 
W1/HA-022South Twin 
W1/HA-001Mount Washington 
W1/HA-120 Mount Jefferson 
W1/HA-093 Mount Adams
W1/HA-060Wildcat Mountain
W1/HA-004 Carter Dome
W1/HA-126Middle Carter Mtn
W1/HA-073 Mount Moriah 
W1/HA-166 Mount HaYes 
W1/HA-160 Cascade Mountain
W1/HA-121 Bald Cap
W1/HA-142 Mount Success
W1/AM-041 Goose Eye Mtn
W1/AM-004 Old Speck Mtn
W1/AM-011 East Peak On Baldplate Mtn
W1/AM-326 Surplus Mtn 
W1/AM-031 Wyman Mtn
W1/AM-089 Sawyer Mtn
W1/AM-257 Old Blue Mtn
W1/AM-222 Houghton HP
W1/AM-007 Saddleback Mtn East Madrid
W1/AM-252 Saddleback Junior 
W1/AM-290 Spaulding Mtn 
W1/AM-002Sugarloaf Mtn Bigelow
W1/AM-056 Crocker Mtn 
W1/AM-003 West Peak on Bigelow MtnYes
W1/AM-085 Pleasant Pond Mtn
W1/AM-047 Bald Mtn Caratunk
W1/AM-032 Barren Mtn Willimantec
W1/AM-280 Columbus Mtn 
W1/AM-005 White Cap Mtn First Roach Pond
W1/AM-334 Nesuntabunt Mtn
W1/AM-001 Mt. Katahdin  ENDYes
SOTA Summits in vicinity of AT compiled by Dean, K2JB

SOTA activators please note a clarification to Guidelines for this event. SOTA activators should try to be within the Appalachian Trail corridor, as shown on the official Trail Map See Let’s not get too specific here. If your summit is NEAR the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, that’s good enough!! It’s the spirit of the event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AT. This meets the spirit of our event.